Hiren's Boot Disk

Dennis Foote - Systems Engineer

The importance of having a good boot disk seems to be a no brainer. Through the years, technicians have relied on boot disks to get PCs set up or back in working condition.  Over the last year, I have thrown all disks out except one.  And, it is needed almost every day. 

Back in the day, it would have been an ultimate boot disk.  I have replaced it with Hiren’s boot disk.  I find Hiren’s to have a dream list of programs that can smoothly turn the tides on some of the most stubborn PCs.  If you have not heard of Hiren’s, I suggest looking into it either on Google or via their website.   I find Hiren’s to have the largest collection of and most up-to-date software.  Hiren’s also has a mini Win XP mode to boot into with a lot of programs that are able to run with a GUI interface.  This makes it much easier to make heads or tails out of menus, options and help files.