A Laptop Trackpoint

Kristen Hewes - Hardware Technician

This week, I came across an issue with a trackpoint for a laptop. The laptop itself had some problems and the system board and the keyboard had to be replaced.

Once that was done, the new problem appeared.  The trackpoint and its buttons did not work! Well, first off, I tried the connections, but there was no problem there.  I then went to the software side and checked the BIOS, but strike number two!  I moved on to the laptop's drivers.  When I looked at the control program, the area to enable the trackpoint was darkened and there was no way to activate it from there.

So, I took the computer apart again and tried a different keyboard, a different system board, and still nothing. Time to hit up the experts, so I gave the laptop's manufacturer's technical support a call.  After the obligatory computer generated menu system got me through to a real person, I explained the situation.  I answered all of their questions on hardware and software and went through all the things I had done to solve the problem.

On their suggestion, I tried running a Linux live disk to see if that recognized it - still to no avail. At this point I had been on the phone with them for quite a while, and was told "We have no idea what could be causing this.  Can you send the laptop to us?"  I can and may have to, but first I plan to execute a fresh reinstall of Windows on the laptop.  I am waiting for the recovery disks to come in and I will see what that does.

I checked out the laptop manufacturer's online forums and see that others have had this issue with no answers from the manufacturer.   I don't expect their technical support representatives to know everything, but I must admit it was nice knowing that I had not missed anything and they were as stumped as I was.

I will update this next week if I get an answer.