Recovering Deleted Files on a PC

Dennis Foote - Systems Engineer

This week, a client accidentally deleted files and folders from his local hard drive. I found some free software that had very good reviews and seemed to have a friendly layout for easy use.

I find that when recovering data from a drive or partition on a drive, you do not want to install the program on the same drive or partition as the file were deleted from. So I pulled out a good old flash drive, put it into the PC and pointed the installation wizard to install the data recovery software on my flash drive. This way, when you save the files you want you do not over write anything on the desired drive that the file originated on. I did the following steps below:  

1. Download software to your PC.  Most of them require you to install the program. Just make sure you do not to install the program on the drive you lost files on.

2. Connect your flash drive to PC and then run the software which might recognize your flash drive to be external drive and then just click it and run recovery.

3. Save the found files to your local PC or flash drive just not to the drive you lost files on.