Dennis Foote - Systems Engineer

Every now and again I find with a Windows XP PC I cannot get the computer to take an IP from a DHCP router. I also find that running the cmd netsh winsock reset does not always work.

When I run cmd ipconfig /all I find that the ip will show up as 192.168.1.x.  However, it said that it was finding a DHCP server. I knew DHCP was enabled, and a DHCP lease had been obtained that expired in 30 years. From the cmd netsh diagnostic gui, the scan would always report this subnet as invalid.

I found that you could manually configure any ip that was valid for the network, to force it to work. However windows would always report, unable to obtain ip address from DHCP server.

I found that by going into your add/remove windows components and uninstalling the Internet Information Services, the computer finally gets back to subnet of and obtains DHCP Lease.