Testing Fax Machines

Kristen Hewes - Hardware Technician

This week, I have had a couple of fax machines brought in that were not sending or receiving faxes.  Well, we only have one fax line like most places, so testing them can be a bit frustrating.

I changed the faulty parts and got to the point of testing them, and this always leads us to "who-do-we-harass-with-a-flood-of-sent-faxes" and "please-send-me-a-fax" requests. I hate doing that to people, so I did some internet searching and found a website that allows you to send from their page to your machine. There are plenty of these sites out there, but the one I used was www.interpage.net.

They let you send faxes for free!! That made my life (and the life of others) much simpler.

On the other end to test if a fax was getting there, I found a site called faxtoy.net.  This site gives you a toll-free number to send faxes to, and then posts them directly to the website in the space of a few F5 refreshes.

I saved both of these to my favorites, and now texting fax machines is not so much of a chore for me.

Have a great weekend everyone!