Wireless Profile Cleanup

Dennis Foote-Systems Engineer

I seem to be running into this a lot lately. When you connect to a wireless network, your computer saves the configuration. So all of your old Internet connections in the Network and Sharing Center hang around even after you are done using them.

This might be helpful if you are going to be around the same connections all the time, but you may wish to clean up the old unneeded connections if you are having issues with your network card or connection. You can navigate to the Network and Sharing Center on your computer to manually to remove the old network connections that you no longer use. When you remove the network connections, this also removes the Internet configurations that go along with that connection. Use the following steps to remove the old unwanted connection profiles that may be causing some of the headache.

Click the Start menu and select Control Panel.

Click Network and Internet and select Network and Sharing Center.

Click Manage Network Connections. This will show you a list of all network connections you have created on your computer.

Right-click the old network connection and select Remove network to delete the network connection and the Internet connection associated with it.

Click Yes when prompted to confirm the connection deletion.

Repeat the process for each old Internet connection you wish to delete.