PC Doctor

Kristen Hewes - Hardware Technician

This week, I am blogging about PC Doctor, I don't normally name products, but this is one I really like!

I have been given a lot of laptops this week with intermittent problems: blue screens, memory issues, and the all that jazz.  These issues can be harder to diagnose due to their inconsistent nature.  They don't always show up when you are looking.

I found them all using the tools on PC Doctor, and some were not even the ones I was looking for.

I had a laptop with encryption software on it that was throwing us a memory error.  I tested the memory with PC Doctor and never got a hit, but when I tested the hard drive - Bingo!  It showed that there was a problem there. It seems that the a bad block on the hard drive was causing the issue because of the encryption sorftware.

It also suggested that the cause for a blue screen today as being the systemboard. I highly recommend it!