Daemon Tools

Dennis Foote - Systems Engineer

This week, a client wanted to have data transferred from one PC to another. The client had an image backup.  Because the hardware had changed so dramatically, I knew the idea of dropping the image on the new PC was out of the question.  So using Daemon Tools Pro, I was able to mount the image and pick through the files and folders to get what I needed for the transfer.

I suggest using Daemon Tools to mount an image because of the ease of use. If you have an image file and need to get to the files and folders on it, Daemon Tools will definitely be handy.  

Daemon tools will work with almost all image file types, even if you have one-click backup software that comes on most external hard drive these days. Chances are you can mount the backup in Daemon Tools and recover just some of your files and folder, rather than replacing your current install of your OS with the backup.