Windows Server Update Services

Adam Jones - Systems Engineer

Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) is an essential tool for maintaining Windows updates in networks of all sizes. WSUS allows administrators full control over which critical and noncritical updates are applied to client computers. 

Updates are downloaded from the public Microsoft Update site and are stored in a repository on the WSUS server. Next, they are met with an administrator led approval or disapproval process. In the situation where a critical security patch needs to be deployed to all client computers on the network the administrator will mark this as an approved update. You are also given the option to set a deadline for the deployment to ensure that all computers receive the update in a timely fashion.

The ability to disapprove an update is equally important. Administrators and developers can verify the compatibility of the updates with company-wide applications before deploying them to the entire network. Some other major advantages offered by WSUS are the ability to identify failed or missed installations and define groups to which various updates may apply. These features are a must for ensuring that your computers are properly protected.

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