Printer Jam Troubleshooting Basics

Kristen Hewes - Hardware Technician

This week, I had a printer-fax machine that was jamming under the drum; the paper was getting just past the sensor arm at the bottom and then stopping dead.

After a little digging on the manufacturer's support site, I found that this issue can be caused by using refilled or non-authorized cartridges and that they can damage the drive gears.  Armed with this knowledge, I proceeded to pull it apart to find the gear in question, well after pulling half of the left side apart, is fine.

So, I check the error codes and get one I can't find listed. I hit the phones and call the manufacturer.  I give them the code and tell them that my suspicion is that one of the sensors is busted.

They tell me to test it some more. With that I put the printer back together and start it up. Lo and behold, no jam!

I ran 25-30 copies through the printer with no sign of a jam. It seems that it was a reseating issue, which is one of the first things I should have checked.

Sometimes the basics get forgotten and end up costing us more time.  This is not something I will forget again!