Expired Stored Credentials and Microsoft Exchange 2007 Management Console

Adam Jones - Systems Engineer

I ran into an interesting issue the other day while working on a server that was running Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 management tools. When I would call up the tools, I was receiving an error stating that “Active Directory Server DC01.xxx.local  is not available. Error message: A local error occurred. Get-ExchangeServer” I thought this error was rather odd because I was, in fact, loading the tools directly from the domain controller in question and it was indeed healthy.

After a little poking around on Microsoft forums, I discovered that the suggested fix is to completely delete the local user profile from the server and start from scratch. This seemed like overkill to me so I continued searching and it was a good thing! Apparently the issue was due to an expired stored password for the logged on user account in the key manager. The fix was to open the key manager by navigating to Start>Run and typing control keymgr.dll and deleting all stored credentials for the account in question. The management tools will open right up!