Disappearing Startup Programs

Dennis Foote - Systems Engineer

This week, I ran across an issue where the startup programs kept disappearing. I found a nice and quick fix so I did not have to restart the PC each and every time a startup program disappeared until I could fix the issue.

Click Start, Programs, Startup. Chances are good that a shortcut to your program is listed on that menu. Just click it, and the program starts going again. If the program is not there, Select Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and System Information. In the left pane of the System Information dialog box, double-click Software Environment and select Startup Programs. The right pane will list all the programs that run at start-up. You should find the program you're looking for in this list. Select it and press <Ctrl>-C to copy the entire line.

System information will not let you copy the program name; you must copy the whole line. Start by right-clicking it, select Save as Text File, name the file something you will remember in the 'File name' field, and click Save. Open the text file you just created, press <Ctrl>-A to select the text, and press <Ctrl>-C to copy it.

Now click Start, Run and press <Ctrl>-V to paste the line into the Run dialog box's Open field. Delete all the text before and after the command itself, and press Enter. The program should reload, and its system tray icon should reappear.