Wireless Range Issue

Dennis Foote - Systems Engineer

A client this week was running into wireless range and speed issues. So after looking into the wireless cards on the notebooks and the office routers that were being used, I found they were all compatible with each other. I ran some tests and determined that the download and upload speeds were normal while in the same room as the router. After all internal hardware checked out, I started looking for a solution to the range issue.  I found a very useful attachment to expand the range of the office’s wireless.

For about $40.00, a very nice long range antenna can be purchased and added to your existing router which will vastly improve the range and speed of the network if you are not in the same room as the router.  If you seem to be losing speed or connection from your wireless router when you’re not in the same room as it, I would recommend trying this first.  Most common routers only have a range of about 400ft, which is not very far. Most small apartments are bigger.