Printer Service Contracts Vs. Billable Service

Joe Churma - Printer Technician

What is a printer contract?  A printer contract is an insurance policy.  Printer service companies price their contracts at a price that does not cover the cost of repairing all of the printers they have under contract. There will be winners and losers for the service company just as there are winners and losers for insurance companies, except there are no delays with the service of your printers or holdbacks as there are with insurance companies.

Service companies are looking for there to be enough winners over losers to make a fair profit.  Recently with the current national economic state, the competition for these contracts has driven the profit margins down to the edge for most service companies.  As a printer user, if you are planning on keeping a printer for 3 to 10 years or more, then a contract is your best bet because you are bound to have problems over the years that will cost you in billable repairs.  You could possibly be billed in a year 2 or 3 times the cost of a one-year contract.

I knew one customer that told me how much money he had saved on his printer without a contract in a bragging sort of way.  Then less than a week later his printer went down so hard that the cost of the call with labor and parts that equaled the cost of 3 years worth of a contract agreement. In the end, the customer ended up paying the cost anyway, but with delayed service. Service companies always cover their contract customer calls first then fit in their billable customer calls second.  Please Contact Us and ask us about putting your printer under contract - it is your best move for your printer service!