Remote Desktop Connections

Adam Jones - Systems Engineer

With the recent snowstorms in the Northeast, I have been supporting quite a few companies that have employees working remotely. Many of these organizations have never explored the possibility of remote connectivity nor do they have technology budgets that allow for remote app servers, remote access gateways or terminal servers so we have turned to RDC in a pinch.

RDC or Remote Desktop Connection is an application from Microsoft that allows users to make secure remote connections to their computers over a local network or the internet. The user will be presented with their desktop just as if they were sitting in front of it. One great feature of RDC is the ability to redirect local resources. This allows you to not only connect your screen but also connect your local disk drives, speakers and printers to the remote computer as well.        

Since RDC is either built into or available for download for all versions of Windows and Windows Server it is quite inexpensive to implement for being such a powerful productivity tool.

If your company is looking to implement remote access of any style please feel free to Contact Us and we would be happy to put you in touch with an engineer to help you meet your needs!