Printhead Repair

Kristen Hewes - Hardware Technician

This week I have been seeing a lot of printers with printhead problems, which requires replacing the printhead unit.

This can take awhile depending on the printer, but don’t let the physical size of the printer fool you. So far the printers that have taken the longest to swap out have been the smallest ones!

I have had to strip them down to almost bare bones to get to the printhead, which is buried under boards, wires, and plastics.

The process of changing the head itself is not hard once you are in; it’s a simple matter of unplugging some hoses and swapping the unit (but remember the rubber pad and the metal clip).

It is a good way to learn where it all goes. When it is done, you feel like you have accomplished something good and it is always nice when you do not have any screws left over.