Helpful Free IT Troubleshooting Tools

Adam Jones - Systems Engineer

Over the past few years, there have been a couple of reliable, handy and FREE tools that I wouldn’t leave the office without. I thought I would share a few of them.

SpecOps Remote Gpupdate

This software adds a set of tools to the Active Directory Users and Computers console that allows administrators to selectively perform remote Group Policy updates as well as restart and shutdown commands. This is very useful when deploying critical GPO’s across the domain.

AnalogX Port Mapper

Port mapper allows you to map any port on one computer to any port on another computer. It also lets you filter the incoming IP address for enhanced security. One great use for this program is assigning remote desktop ports without the need to change the RDP port in the Windows registry.


This is by far the most consistent anti-spyware software that I have ever used. The interface is very simple and the technology behind its detection and removal process is top notch. These guys seem to stay on top of their game in the spyware removal world.


Using this custom GPO and software provided by Energy Star gives administrators the ability to centrally manage power settings on Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating systems. This is something that Microsoft did not develop for the Windows 2003 platform. You can deploy this FREE tool and save your company some serious coin on the power bill by ensuring that computers are set into standby when not in use.

Angry IP Scanner

IPScan is an awesome and simple network scanning utility. This is a great security tool because you can use it as port scanner as well as an IP scanner. It’s great for finding available IP addresses and tracking down nodes on the network. The output can be exported to an Excel document which also makes it useful for network audits.