Tips for Buying Multi-Function Printers

Joe Churma - Printer Technician

Having a Multi-Function Printer (MFP) or All-In-One Printer is much different than owning a Laser Printer, Fax Machine, Copier, and Scanner. I have seen many companies decide to purchase a MFP that would only cost as much as the Laser Printer that the company would have normally purchased.

The company then believes that they are saving a great deal, but in reality they will be pushing the MFP much too hard with work and will end up with a lot more down time as a result of needing repairs.

The best option for companies that are thinking about purchasing MFPs is to add up the cost of all of the equipment that would be replaced with the MFP and purchase one that is at least 2/3rd the cost of the equipment being replaced. This will result in less loss of time for repairs on the MFP. There is an old business maxim that time is money!