Imaging Data to Preserve Your Company Information

Dennis Foote- Systems Engineer

So what’s your backup plan? This week I came across a lot of imaging. You may ask yourself what imaging is and why it is useful in IT. 

Imaging is a way to save all of your data to transfer to a new hard drive or create a backup for restore reasons in case anything goes south with your computer.  It allows you to restore your information with your settings, programs, files, and folders intact. 

You may even use it and not be aware of it.  Programs like Acronis, Symantec Ghost, and Symantec System Recovery make types of files for quick data recovery. 

So which product is best for you? Symantec Ghost is a great program but is a little more expensive than Acronis.  If you are technically saavy, Ghost is great because of its many uses.  Acronis is most user-friendly and has scheduled and one-click imaging software features.   Although Symantec System Recovery is geared more towards server use and comes at a cost, its ease of use and friendly pick-through options help make life that much easier if anything does go awry with your system.  In turn, this may save you time and money on consulting fees.

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