Outdated Software Can Be a Security Liability

Brian St. Marie, Senior Systems Engineer

Companies often approach IT with an "if it isn't broken, don't fix it" attitude. If the infrastructure you have is working for you, why spend time and money on costly, time-consuming upgrades and migrations?

Unfortunately, once software products pass out of their manufacturers support period, old software can become a serious security liability.

A ticking security time bomb

For instance, a client was using Microsoft SQL 2000 for several years with no major issues. However, Microsoft SQL 2000 is now well out of it's support period with Microsoft, meaning it is no longer patched or monitored for security flaws.

So while the software was running well and reliably for the customer, it was also a ticking security time bomb.

Unfortunately, the bomb went off at the worst possible time, the morning of Christmas Eve. A hacker was able to compromise the SQL database, crashing the service and gaining the security rights of the account used to run the SQL Server service.

This allowed them to create a new account with administrative rights on the domain and reak all kinds of havoc. While Terminal support was able to get the situation under control within a few hours, the cleanup and repairs took several hours over the holiday weekend and prevented the client's employees from working remotely during that period.

Request a Security Audit

Even though your software may be working for you now, there may be hidden flaws or problems lurking beneath the surface. In the long run, the cost of keeping your software up to date is much less over time than dealing with emergencies like the one described above.

Terminal can audit the security of your network software. Contact Us and a representative will be happy to discuss your specific needs.