iPhone and iPad iOS 4.2.1 - New Features

Dennis Foote – Systems Engineer

With last month’s release of iPhone and iPad’s iOS 4.2.1 firmware and software came some new features. Here is a list of the new and much needed changes.

Apple Air Play: Now you have the ability to play movies, games, and music and stream pictures from your iPad directly to your apple TV with just a push of a button.

Air Print: This was a big one for me.  Available on the iPhone as well as the iPad, air print allows you to print wirelessly to any device on a network.

Multi-tasking: You will now be able to multi task applications in iOS 4.2.1 easily with just a push of the home button.  Feel free to let an application run in the background and finish up with it later - maybe after answering a very important email that you just received.  Apple sure did make us wait for this, but now that it’s here, all the waiting was well worth it!

Folders:  Now on the iPhone and iPad you will find you can group application together in folders by simply pressing down on an application until it starts to shake, then just move the application over another application that you want to group and it will make a folder to house both applications.

Enterprise support:  iOS 4.2.1 comes with a lot of new security features for enterprise level software such as Microsoft Exchange.   Apple hopes this will help with the usage of corporate offices’ making the jump to their devices or making the devices that are already in the workplace easier to work with.  In my case, iPads as well as iPhones work very well with my office environment.  I can maintain my Microsoft Exchange email account, calendar, and tasks as well as Microsoft Dynamics CRM with no issue.

If you have not tried an iPhone or iPad for yourself recently because of not being able to print or not having its support in your office with older security settings, you owe it to yourself to revisit the idea.  iOS 4.2.1 has answered a lot of wishes for iPhone and iPad users and you may be missing out.