Computer Viruses Can Modify Your Registry

Kristen Hewes - Hardware Technician

This week has been about Malware for me.  I have spent some time with a customer’s computer that needed a good cleaning.

I started off by taking a look at the programs that were installed on the machine, and removing the likely candidates causing trouble. These usually include extra toolbars, downloaders, and in this case, a bunch of registry editors that were on there.

Once they were all removed, I used various tools for cleaning up the infections.  I then moved on to cleaning up the registry.  There are lots of tools out there for this, and that’s where the problems can start.  People like to download them and just let them run. The registry is not a toy! If your registry gets hurt it can cause lots of issues for the computer.

Once the registry fixes were done I ran an exefix to get all the .exe’s running again. A quick driver and Windows update later and I was done!

A lot of these types of infections are preventable with a few easy steps: keep your antivirus up to date, be watchful of the websites you visit, and make sure you trust any software you install!