Intermittent Paper Jams in HP Printers!

Joe Churma - Printer Technician

A couple weeks back I worked on a HP LJ printer in the Terminal shop that was getting very intermittent Fuser area jams. The printer Event Log showed the jam errors that the printer was having were in the Fuser area. I tested the printer and could not get the printer to fail. The printer also was over 90% to the point of needing a Maintenance kit.

The main part in a Maintenance Kit is a Fuser assembly. I called and updated the customer that I could not get the printer to fail and that I would like to order a Maintenance Kit for the printer. The customer gave the OK. I installed the Maintenance Kit on the printer when it came in. I tested the printer and it ran OK! The customer picked the printer up and brought it back to his company’s site.

The customer called Terminal back the next day (PM) and stated that he was having the same intermittent jam problem again. I worked with the customer over the phone instructing him on how to remove the jam and run diagnostics. After working with the customer over the phone, we determined that the only time the printer was getting Fuser jams was when they were running duplex print jobs. We also determined that the forms that jammed in the Fuser area were leaving the duplex unit in an angle causing a jam in the Fuser area.

During the troubleshooting of the printer, I had instructed the customer on how to remove and install the Duplex unit. The customer needed the printer up and running ASAP to print out invoices to bill customers. The customer was more than willing to replace the Duplex unit on his own and ship the original NG back to the vendor. Terminal had a spare Duplex unit shipped to the customer site and the customer replaced it and was able to print out their invoice print jobs.