Learn How Boston IT Manage Services Works For Our Customers

Our IT customers are small and medium businesses in Metro Boston. Time and again they came to us to fix an IT problem after their system, service or equipment was broken.  We realized that with the smart tools available, we could now proactively manage a businesses IT assets so that they could effectively forget about fixing IT problems after they happen.

If we were to combine these smart tools with the other services we already provide, such as warranty repair, disaster recovery, financial planning for asset replacement, and functions that are typically offered to large enterprises who have millions in investment in information technology, that would be an IT service that would reduce costs and improve efficiency for our small and medium-sized business customers.

The best solution for our customers would be to roll these services into one fixed price. It would make the IT management almost unseen. We tested this process with two our existing customers and they loved it. So here we are - announcing a new service to make IT management, support and problem resolution as close to invisible
as possible.

We call it MSPLUS. Boston IT managed services plus product planning, certified support and warranty repair. You won't find all of this under one roof in any other IT company in the Boston and Cambridge area. We've had 25 years to perfect it. Now we offer it to you.