Network Downtime

Network Downtime

Terminal understands how your business is impacted when computer systems are unavailable.

When a serious problem such as hardware failure, loss of power, or network connectivity loss occurs, Terminal’s staff prioritizes the ticket, creates a plan of action, and sends the closest available engineer to the site if the problem cannot be resolved remotely.

Initially, if possible, a temporary solution will be implemented to bring systems back online as soon as possible. A Terminal staff member will then take ownership of the ticket until a permanent solution is completed.

Our technicians can troubleshoot these causes of network downtime:

  • Internet Service Provider has area outage
  • Site power is lost
  • Modem requires power cycling
  • Server requires reboot
  • Wi-fi network must be re-enabled
  • Network software configuration needs to be restored
  • Networking devices need repair or replacement
  • Other causes of network downtime