Network Audits

Network Audits

Cost Analysis

Learn how a flat rate plan can save money

With an inventory list of your office’s servers, desktops, and other network devices, Terminal can calculate a monthly, all-inclusive cost to provide ongoing support and maintain your network. Compare that to your actual, historical expenses over time to see how much your organization can save.

Network Mapping

Receive documentation of your network for security and auditing and onboarding

Using remote access tools that scan for active devices, Terminal can create and analyze a map of your existing network. This information can be used to estimate support costs and audit the security of the network.

This process is also used for onboarding, where Terminal sets up new clients for remote monitoring and support.

Security Audit

Identify vulnerabilities with external and internal scans

Any servers connected to the Internet – a necessity for web, file, and email services – are accessible not only by legitimate users, but also by attackers searching for vulnerabilities.

Terminal’s security audit includes an external scan of servers from the Internet. Any vulnerabilities found will be reported and fixed. The software Terminal uses is OpenVAS, the world's most advanced Open Source vulnerability scanner. Over 30,000 tests for known attacks are conducted.

The second type of scan Terminal runs is an internal scan. That reveals what is accessible by someone who gains unauthorized access to a system. Internal scans are now required by the PCI standard for servers running e-commerce applications, and reveal issues that all organizations should address to maximize security.

Running an antivirus program to search for malware is of course another essential internal scan. Terminal can also evaluate DNS protection and data loss prevention programs, and make recommendations.

Needs Assessment

Evaluate new businesses objectives

Terminal can work with your organization to define your project requirements and identify how technologies can be best implemented to meet business objectives within identified constraints.

This assessment is completed in addition to the audit of your current network, IT security, and risk management plan.

We look forward to discussing how we may help solve your business and IT needs.