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IT Support in Boston, MA With Over 35 Years of Experience

IT is an essential aspect of any business in this technological age, but it always comes with its own special problems.
Technological glitches are common, and many people who understand the basics of IT are not equipped to deal with the security breaches or viruses that are becoming ever more problematic as the world moves online.
For these reasons and many more, it's essential that any business, no matter how small, have a dedicated IT support team.
With Terminal Boston IT support you can keep your company secure and running smoothly for years to come.
Read on to find out more about where you can find the IT support you need in the Boston area. 

Why You Need IT Support

There are a few basic reasons behind the necessity for an IT support team.

1. Security From Common IT Viruses

While we all do our best to avoid viruses, it's hard to keep track of every staff member and every computer. One little mistake can lead to a much bigger problem if a virus infects your systems. If you have an established IT support team, it will be much easier to secure prevention and get any problems that do arise solved quickly.

2. Data Security

All businesses store a ton of important information, from financial data to data about employees and customers. It's essential to keep these data safe from prying eyes. An IT team is the best option for securing the data from the beginning and policing any efforts by hackers or viruses to steal or leak that information.

3. Professional IT Support

Having a professional team at your back is essential to getting things done right. One IT support team made of professionals who know this stuff front and back will be an invaluable resource to your company. Plus, they can help train people inside your team on a few IT essentials which means you'll have to hire fewer people overall to deal with all the IT issues and opportunities that might show up.

4. Consistent Monitoring

If your company is working online, as many are these days, it's important that your site stays up and running consistently to get customers what they need. A shut-down of even a few hours can cause serious damage to your sales and customer satisfaction. With IT support always there and ready for action, you can get your site up and running again in a much shorter period.

35 Years of IT Support 

In 2020, Verizon's Data Breach Investigations Report found nearly 4,000 data breaches, 28% of which were of small businesses. Considering the high volume of breaches and the increase of online activity in the days of COVID-19, it's growing ever more necessary for small or mid-sized businesses to step up their game in finding IT protection services. Terminal has been working in the IT support business for years, which means we have tons of experience and offer everything you could possibly need to keep you safe.

Flat-Rate Support. You'll find the support you need with 24/7 monitoring that includes remote and cellular monitoring so you find out about mishaps fast, even when the internet is down. You'll also get to choose the perfect cloud backup plan for your team and take advantage of our extensive patch management system to keep your systems up to date.

Security & Compliance. In addition to antivirus support, you'll also be able to take advantage of our specialized CryptoLocker blocker to ensure you don't get locked out of your data by ransomware. You'll also get access to a comprehensive Data Loss Protection Plan and aid complying with HIPAA, Massachusetts privacy requirements, and protecting credit card information. 

Technology Consulting If you're wondering about how to implement your infrastructure and network, Terminal can help. We'll provide you with an audit and design for your network, advice for setting up wireless connections and implementing or virtualizing your servers, and IoT sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, light, motion, and other sensitive areas in your building. 

Product Sales. Whatever you need in the way of hardware, software, or cloud services, you can find it here. We can connect you with important programs like Windows, Office 365, Skype, Amazon EC3, Microsoft Azure, servers, computers, printers, storage, and network devices. We sell only the top products at competitive prices to keep you up to date. 

Warranty Repair. If you need something repaired, you have several options to get help. With some simple information such as the product name and serial number, we can find the warranty on any device. We can do repairs on-site in the Boston area, or you can bring in devices and drop them off for us to fix. You'll never suffer long from broken devices with Terminal support.

The Top IT Support in Boston

Since 1985, Terminal has been providing IT support in the Boston Metro area. We are devoted to seeing our customers protected and reducing the cost of IT support and services for each of them. We employ only the top IT experts in the field and are constantly innovating our technology to keep ahead of any IT issues that may arise. The Terminal team is proactive, determined to stop attacks before they make it to your network. We use innovative technologies like remote monitoring and still take the time to develop strong relationships with our Boston customers.

Terminal is proud to provide IT support in a variety of Boston sectors. We work with police departments, libraries, and other public and government agencies. We also help biotech companies keep their chemicals and data secure and safe from technological breakdowns. In addition, we love taking on small IT support problems to help enterprises or large organizations that have their own IT staff but may need extra support to get a side project finished.
No matter what you're looking for, Terminal will provide the total IT solutions you need. Just get in touch with us to schedule a FREE consultation and get started on building your security.