IoT Sensors

IoT Sensors

IoT stands for the “Internet of Things.” In this emerging area of IT, small hardware sensing and controlling devices are connected to an organization’s local network.

The devices are low cost, providing an inexpensive solution for automating critical tasks such as 24/7 monitoring of a server room’s temperature and humidity.

Terminal can design complete network solutions that include and communicate with many non-networking hardware sensor and control systems.

How Remote Sensors Work

There are three parts to a wireless sensor monitoring system:

  1. Wireless sensors detect incidents you wish to monitor. They are built with sturdy flame retardant cases, long lasting lithium batteries, and wireless transmission ranges of several hundred feet.

  2. Wireless Gateways transmit data between the local sensor network and the online wireless sensor monitoring software.

  3. The online portal allows for user customization of the sensor network, and will broadcast alerts of sensor events.

This replaces the tedious process of having staff repeatedly log sensor readings, which may not even be possible outside business hours.

Ethernet and cellular monitor options are available.

Available sensors

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Water
  • Light
  • Motion
  • Door Open/Closed
  • Magnetic Presence
  • Flex or Bend

Use Case: Biotech

In order to maintain FDA compliance, biotech companies must guarantee that their products have been maintained in strictly controlled environments. This often requires a significant expense in the implementation and overhead for advanced environmental monitoring systems.

Learn more about Terminal’s solutions for monitoring in the biotech industry.