Email and Spam

Email and Spam

Spam Blocking

Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 both offer built in spam protection. If spam is overwhelming your email servers and affecting the productivity of your employees, Terminal can help by configuring custom anti-spam policies and filters.

Exchange, Office 365, and Outlook Support

Terminal’s support staff can help businesses with many common email support tasks.

Exchange Server support:

  • Troubleshoot mail services on the server
  • Implement a unified email signature with inline graphics
  • Create complex rules to centrally manage email flow
  • Automatically add, compress, detatch, or delete attachments
  • Set up autoresponders for groups or single users
  • Scan emails for sensitive content and forward incident reports
  • Integrate with Goldmine and other third party software

Outlook Client support:

  • Set up new email accounts
  • Configure mobile access to messages
  • Fix Outlook crashes and corrupted profiles
  • Migrate Outlook accounts