Content Strategy

Web Design Content Strategy

A content inventory identifies all material available for the new website. Common sources include:

  • Existing website content
  • Marketing materials and whitepapers
  • New content required to complete use cases and scenarios
  • Logos, branding, and photographs
  • Additional items identified during interviews

Search Engine Optimization begins at this early stage, through the selection of keywords most relevant to the business. Page titles, meta content, and titles are written to target desired search phrases.

Copy editing is performed by experts in writing for the web. Best practices are followed to make finished pages clear, concise, and scannable.

Content Organization

Site owners sometimes make a guess about good content groupings in their proposal. However, information architecture mistakes result in hard to fix usability problems and lost revenue, so Terminal uses a formal process to create an optimal site map.

Content is grouped into mutually exclusive categories by stakeholders, including test users, using a card sort. Terminal then creates a similarity matrix and uses cluster analysis to create optimal categorization.