Cloud Backups

Cloud Backups

Follow the 3-2-1 rule!

1. Retain 3 copies (original and two backups)
2. Save data to 2 different media formats
3. Include 1 off-site backup

Terminal helps clients preserve critical data using best practices that protect not only against computer failure, but also threats like natural disasters and malware like CryptoLocker. Terminal recommends Datto's hybrid-cloud backup solution, which follows best practices, like the 3-2-1 rule, by providing redundant backups, on different media and at different locations.

Three Backup Types

Does your business rely only on local backups, where copies of your data are saved somewhere at your office? A common procedure, where files are copied to an external drive, is easy to implement. Data can be restored quickly when needed. However, if there is a sitewide fire, flood, or other natural disaster, the backups will also be lost. Also, malware like Cryptolocker can infect attached drives, making local backups useless.

The alternative is remote backups. Storing data off-site, using a cloud service, ensures data will be available even in the case of sitewide disasters. By themselves, cloud backup solutions are not perfect either. Internet connections are slower than local connections, and longer file transfer times lengthen system downtime. Often, a third party must be trusted with the remote data.

Datto Elite PartnerTerminal Exchange Systems recommends the hybrid cloud backup solution from Datto. Retain local backups for quick restore times, and fall back to cloud based application servers for quick recovery when local backups fail.

In 2015, Terminal Exchange Systems achieved elite partner status with Datto, and is now positioned as a leading vendor of their highly regarded, award-winning hybrid cloud backup disaster recovery (BDR) solution.

Datto's "On-Site" Backups

Using a proprietary on-site backup storage device, clients retain their own local backups. After data loss or server failure, clients quickly recover information from their own network.

Datto's "Off-Site" Backups

Additionally, local backups are replicated to the cloud over the Internet. Redundant off-site backups protect clients from natural disaster emergencies and malware like CryptoLocker. Critical applications can be temporarily run in the cloud to eliminate downtime. Security is ensured by AES 256 encryption, both in transit and in the cloud.

Minimize Upfront Investments

The cloud hybrid backup solution offered by Terminal Exchange Systems is feature rich, highly efficient, and affordable:

Less capital investment and fewer support staff hours are required for a hybrid cloud solution.

The widespread usage of the cloud storage option achieves an economy of scale not possible with a custom solution.

Managed support services and virtualization options offered by Terminal Exchange Systems add value to the backup solution.

Technical Innovations

All Datto users, from small businesses to large enterprises, receive the following features:

1. Image Based Backups, which provide immediate access to both individual files and the full machine. Restore locally, or spin up a remote server running your applications in the cloud.

2. Screenshot Backup Verification, that tests completed backup images and delivers proof of the successful backup.

3. Proprietary Inverse Chain Technology, which saves time and space by backing up only recently changed files, but still provides immediate access to the full system. In other backup solutions, accessing the full system can take a long time, as the incremental backups have to be rolled - one by one - into the last complete image.

4. Backup Insights, that enables users to track file changes over time, and intelligently identify trends.

Available Options

Terminal Exchange Systems is a Datto Elite partner, and offers their hybrid cloud solutions for small customers, medium sized companies, and enterprise businesses.

Small & Medium Business

Alto XL Pro

  • Up to 24 TB
  • File Level Restore
  • End to End Encryption
  • Off-Site Virtualization
  • Hybrid Virtualization
  • Screenshot Backup Verification
  • Inverse Chain Technology
  • Backup Insights


Siris 2

  • Up to 60 TB
  • File Level Restore
  • End to End Encryption
  • Off-Site Virtualization
  • On-Site Virtualization
  • Screenshot Backup Verification
  • Inverse Chain Technology
  • Backup Insights