Cellular Monitoring

Cellular Monitoring

Cellular monitoring is remote monitoring over a cellular network.

This has a significant benefit – when the regular network goes down, cellular monitoring will continue to send alerts and enable remote support.

Most network monitoring solutions consist of software running on the network, and relies on both power at the site and a working Internet connection from the Internet Service Provider. If the Internet is down due to an area outage, or backup power fails after the site loses power, the remote network operations center will fail to connect. They will only know the network is not accessible.

The custom solution Terminal’s engineers developed to address that problem is only available to our managed service customers.

The innovative cellular monitoring device, included with Managed Services Plus (MSPLUS+) support, allow Terminal’s technicians to remotely access your network during the following circumstances, when others cannot:

  • Internet Service Provider has an area outage
  • Power outage occurs, and backup UPS fails

The device’s battery and cellular network usage, similar to a cellphone, make this possible.

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