Biotech Industry Services

Biotech Industry Services


Ensure pharmaceuticals and other biological material are protected from failures of climate controlled systems.

In order to protect materials and maintain FDA compliance, biotech companies must guarantee that their products have been maintained in strictly controlled environments. This often requires a significant expense in the implementation and overhead for advanced environmental monitoring systems.

In a typical manual process, staff checks temperature and other gauges at regular intervals. That takes considerable staff time and is subject to human error, and the possibility of a failure occurring on nights or weekends when staff is not around.

Most automated sensor solutions are very complicated, expensive, and difficult to integrate. Terminal has partnered with Monnit to provide a low cost monitoring solution with inexpensive wireless devices connected to the cloud.

There are three parts to a wireless sensor monitoring system:

  • Wireless sensors installed in a biotech facility detect incidents you wish to monitor. They are built with sturdy flame retardant cases, long lasting lithium batteries, and wireless transmission ranges of several hundred feet.

  • Wireless Gateways transmit data, such as the current temperature of a refrigerator, between the local sensor network and the online wireless sensor monitoring software.

  • The online portal allows for user customization of the sensor network, and will broadcast alerts of sensor events, giving time to save expensive biological products and materials.
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