Terminal secures our customers’ networks using a comprehensive, four-pronged approach – including antivirus software, system patching, DNS protection, and hybrid cloud backups.

Antivirus Software

VIPRE is a highly rated option for small and midsize businesses with local networks.

The application scans incoming email for virus signatures, and excels at blocking access to malicious URLs containing malware and phishing attacks.

Terminal installs VIPRE’s antivirus solution for our customers, and is included in our managed services plan.

System Patching

Terminal’s 24/7 monitoring will alert when computers are not up to date with the latest antivirus software patches and virus definitions. Our staff keeps our customers’ systems up to date, and can complete updates remotely.

Since malware targets unpatched systems, Terminal also scans to identify unpatched operating systems and applications. Keeping systems up to date requires updates to not only Microsoft Windows, but also plugins like Java, Adobe Reader, and Flash. If a virus does get past the filters, the odds of infection are greatly reduced on a patched system.

DNS Protection

Terminal uses OpenDNS technologies to block outgoing connections to malicious domains and IP addresses.

If a system does become infected, this prevents the malware from “calling home” to compromised servers around the world. Cryptolocker cannot function without that access.

Hybrid-Cloud Backups

In the worst case scenario, when an infection has been activated, Terminals’ customers have access to data backups stored in the cloud, which cannot be reached by the malware.

Together, these four layers of protection form a highly effective barrier against threats like viruses, malware, and ransomware.