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Why use Terminal?

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  • Fast

    Terminals boot in less than 5 seconds with RAM state. Terminals resize CPU, RAM, and disk in seconds while running. Screen share a Terminal in your browser instantly.


    Terminals scale vertically by adding CPU, RAM, and disk in seconds without rebooting. Terminals scale horizontally by spinning up new RAM-perfect snapshots of machines in seconds. All of these are configurable and automatic in our enterprise offering.


    Terminals auto-pause when not in use so you only pay for the computing you use. Spin up test servers and never worry about sticker shock on your IT bills.

    Data science

    1Terminals resize live with no reboot from 1/2 CPU to 32 CPUs in seconds.

    2Prototype your code on test data with a tiny instance, then scale up RAM to 50GB in seconds when you run heavy computations.

    3When you're done, scale down without rebooting. Save time and money.

    4Pause it when you're done for the day, and pick up where you left off the next morning. It's like closing your laptop.

    Online and offline education

    1Teach Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, or any app, any stack, any language.

    2Never waste time with environment headaches again. Great for short courses and lectures.

    3Code in groups and teach with real-time collaboration.

    4Teach industry-standard technology and tools.

    QA and Continuous Integration

    1Take a full snapshot of both the disk and RAM of a running machine.

    2Start in seconds 10+ machines in a complex test cluster arrangement, reproducing your production environment exactly.

    3Share the computer and clusters with your QA team across the world in seconds with a URL.

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    Explore Snaps

    Share and start web apps in a click. Don't worry about complex package management systems, or what environment a consumer of your program might have. Users enjoy full, private, secure hosted web apps.

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